i do the symbol thing or whatever idk

hi it's me scutoid studios i do like cartoons or something? idk

uh so you can like read this or something but i do have an actual website :P

my yt channel

symbol show

symbol show is a drama objectshow thing about symbols who are stuck in a gameshow in a serial killer's basement

follow along with them as they form friendships, remember their past, and make their final escape.

re:side mounatain

a contest for a wish for anything, but is there anyone else trying to get it?

there's hella tea to spill and... hella coffee aswell.


(BOOKENDERS)A is a good and cool object camp on youtube!!!

main site

Hi it's me Scutoid Studios!

hi, this is my about where you find out about me lol.

any pronoun, he/they preferred but idc

irish (lives in ireland, speaks irish)


fun interests that you can like talk to me about lol

Backrooms Wiki (I like the WikiDot but I read LiminalArchives and Fandom)SCP (wiki)Object ShowsEddsworldLinux (I am on UbuntuBUDGIE but i wanna move back to Manjaro or Fedora when the release cycle ends)